Beautiful Boho with Amy Sabic

Recently i had  the good fortune of working with the delightful Amy Sabic

i was able to talk her into shooting one of my fav themes Boho Fashion and this girl oozes that  amazing 60s hippy look

with stunning features and  long blonde hair the camera loves  her as you will see

enjoy i know i did

MJ8A3542-2_pp MJ8A3617 MJ8A3672 MJ8A3716-2wip_pp MJ8A3745_pp MJ8A3783


Sun,Wind,Mud + GlamReyez Girls

Have you ever had one of those shoots where things just go from great to fantastic to hilarious fun ?

well Sunday i did what was to be a promo shoot for Kaneal glamReyez and  the Titanium Raceteam girls ended up being a shoot at a dirt bike track in outer Melbourne.

the day was sunny but with horrendous winds up to forecast 100km/hr

so we were not to concerned about the girls hair blowing everywhere as it wasn’t something in our control

we had 4 fantastic models Haylee Shannon Chantelle and the new Lyndal


so what happened after we shot the standard images had to be seen to be believed

kaneal had a vision of this shot which involved one of the dirt bikes lifted onto its back wheel with one of the models sitting under it on the back wheel


well as we were setting this up there was this area that looked solid but to one riders surprise it wasn’t and he went front first into knee deep mud well that just set the girls off and the results were just hilariously insane

the end result of the day 🙂

IMG_0303 IMG_0317 IMG_0321 IMG_0327 IMG_0342 IMG_0367 IMG_0380


Gotta love Byron

recently we spent a week up around the Gold Coast / Byron Bay area

i had  organized a shoot with the delightful Chrissy while up there

i met Chrissy when she came  down to Melbourne for one of our SFaC events she  really is  a terrific fun model and  the results were  stunning

all shot with a single Elinchrom Brx 500 with 70cm beauty dish with grid

Canon 40d

24- 105F4 L series lens

IMG_9563_pp IMG_9581 IMG_9582 IMG_9596_pp IMG_9611 IMG_9621_pp IMG_9626-2

MCC and 3 models

Friday 5th Sept i was fortunate to work with Chris Brody at the Melbourne Camera Club rooms

we shot  with 3 models two i hadn’t have the privilege to do so before and  the amazing Alex Hondros who also did the girls MU

we shot all girls in a series that Chris had been working on *i will post mine after he releases his other* and also some Fashion

the models were the stunning Brazilian Alessandra Amelia and the gorgeous Sammy Targett along with Alex

so i can post up the fashion images  that we took and

i will post the special series next post



















SFaC “The Denim Edition” fundraiser for Bodie Tattam

Sunday 10th August  Shoot For a Cause (SFaC) were able to put on a fundraiser for young Bodie who suffered a horrific dirtbike accident which has left him a paraplegic

Like usual SFaC events we gathered Models, MUAs, Photographers  this time at Dirtbike playground in Parwan Vic

many of Bodies peers joined the day which saw terrific numbers attending the event

The day raised over $6100 for Bodie

I only got to shoot with one of the models Bree but i think i had the pick of the models for a fairly new model she was exceptional   IMG_8661IMG_8649IMG_8620 IMG_8605

Black Rock Beach Shoot with Brit

After meeting Brit the weekend before at the love life celebration of Lisa Ohara
I had to schedule a time to work one on one with her these are the results and a lesson learned which i will post about next