Sun,Wind,Mud + GlamReyez Girls

Have you ever had one of those shoots where things just go from great to fantastic to hilarious fun ?

well Sunday i did what was to be a promo shoot for Kaneal glamReyez and  the Titanium Raceteam girls ended up being a shoot at a dirt bike track in outer Melbourne.

the day was sunny but with horrendous winds up to forecast 100km/hr

so we were not to concerned about the girls hair blowing everywhere as it wasn’t something in our control

we had 4 fantastic models Haylee Shannon Chantelle and the new Lyndal


so what happened after we shot the standard images had to be seen to be believed

kaneal had a vision of this shot which involved one of the dirt bikes lifted onto its back wheel with one of the models sitting under it on the back wheel


well as we were setting this up there was this area that looked solid but to one riders surprise it wasn’t and he went front first into knee deep mud well that just set the girls off and the results were just hilariously insane

the end result of the day 🙂

IMG_0303 IMG_0317 IMG_0321 IMG_0327 IMG_0342 IMG_0367 IMG_0380



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